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Several Open Books


Ruin and Roses (2022)

Book one in the Cursed Kingdoms

A dark and spicy fantasy romance that follows Jane as she delves into the shadows, secrets, and curses that bind her world.


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Shadows and Lies (2022)

Book two in the Cursed Kingdoms

After getting out of her arranged marriage—though not without bloodshed—Jane finds herself transported to a new land with two men she doesn’t know if she can trust. To save herself and her kingdom, Jane needs to untangle the web of lies she is caught in to figure out who she is behind all of her carefully curated masks.

“A beast, even trapped behind the bars of a cage, is still a beast.”



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The Hunter & The Heart (2023)

The Cursed Kingdoms Series Prequel

Three years prior to the events of Ruin and Roses, Jane's friends strived to prevent future turmoil while her enemies worked to ensure it. Follow the stories of faces familiar and achingly new as we discover the true nature of the Cursed Kingdoms and how tragedy befalls our heroine. Do the fates design our stories? Or are the very stars aligning to bring the kingdoms to their knees?


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