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Deanna Ortega

New Release

The Hunter and the Heart (2023)

*Author's Note: This prequel should be read after Shadows and Lies*

Three years prior to the events of Ruin and Roses, Jane's friends strived to prevent future turmoil while her enemies worked to ensure it. Follow the stories of faces familiar and achingly new as we discover the true nature of the Cursed Kingdoms and how tragedy befalls our heroine. Do the fates design our stories? Or are the very stars aligning to bring the kingdoms to their knees? 

Kiara, refusing to die for an emotion she hardly believes in, finds herself in Anwyn in a battle against fate, time, and love. After receiving conflicting orders from her king and his council, she’s overseas alone, and away from even a sky she recognizes. She must decide if she is going to battle fate or accept it.

This prequel to the Cursed Kingdoms series by indie author Deanna Ortega will surely delight old fans and new readers alike. The answers you've been waiting for lie within these pages if you're only brave enough to read them. 


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Upcoming Appearances

Upcoming events I'm attending in 2024 and 2025

Apollycon in Washington, D. C. (ticketed attendee)

April 25th-28th, 2024

Attending Author- Books, Gowns, and Crowns in Seattle, Washington 

Oct 17th-19th, 2024

Readers Take Denver in Aurora, Colorado (ticketed attendee)

Feb, 6th-9th, 2025

This book was a fantastic read - I devoured it within 24 hours! I cannot express how amazing this book was. The tension, the betrayal, the twists. If you like a strong heroine learning that not everything is as it seems, this book is for you!

Goodreads Review

Praise & Reviews for the Cursed Kingdoms

Once you start reading, this world will captivate you and send you on this journey with Jane. Such an amazing world. Full of action, magic, violence, romance, suspense, and mystery. The world-building was great, as well as the character development. 

Goodreads Review

The characters I loved in the first book are back and they continue to grow. Ortega is weaving a tale that has many more secrets to reveal. There's lots of court intrigue and stabby sexy tension. What more can you want?

‘Fun World, Sarcastic Characters’
- Booktok

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About Deanna Ortega

I'm just your local sewage rat writing about love in a world that makes it hard to believe in it. 

I've been married for nine years to a man who is every bit a girl's girl. We love to stay up and gossip - by which I mean I babble, and he dozes off while snoring. We have two daughters, two dogs, and two cats who spend their time making me question my remaining threads of sanity while also keeping them intact...

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